2001-2004 BFA Graphic Design (book design emphasis), California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
1998-2000 University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA


2015 Bramble Road, Delta Workshop, Sacramento, CA
2014 DUSK WOODS, Flashpoint Gallery, Washington, D.C.
2013 The Crier, Pleasant Plains Workshop, Washington, DC (installation and prints at PPW by Natalie Campbell and Martine Workman)
2011 The work of Laura Gunnip and Martine Workman, Door Number 3, Twisp, WA
2011 APAK and Martine Workman, Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR
2009 Drawings, Nancy, Seattle, WA

2017 Animation and the Book Arts, New York Center for the Book Arts, New York, NY, curated by Marilyn Zornado and Barbara Tetenbaum
2016 Kent Summer Art Exhibit, Kent, WA, curated by Joseph Steininger and Humaira Abid
2016 Downward Spiral, Distillery Gallery, Boston, MA, curated by Dave Ortega and Pat Falco
2016 LA Art Book Fair, The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, Los Angeles, CA (four day fair by Printed Matter)
2015 Drawn Together, Contemporary Drawing in the Pacific Northwest, Eastern Oregon University, La Grande, OR
2015 10x10 Invitational, Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD
2015 Artist Fellowship Grantees ‘15, Gallery at 200 I st, Washington DC
2014 Odds and Ends, Art Books/Book Arts Today, Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, CT (one day fair)
2014 Trawick Finalists Show, Gallery B, Bethesda, MD, curated by Tom Ashcraft, Laure Drogoul, Jeremy Drummond
2014 Sondheim semi-finalist show, MICA, Baltimore, MD, curated by Kim Domanski
2014 Project Room, TRAFO, Szczecin, Poland
2013 Water, Proteus Gowanus Interdisciplinary Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2013 New York Art Book Fair, MOMA PS1, New York, NY (four day fair by Printed Matter)
2013 Pleasant Plain Workshop at Emerge Art Fair, Skyline Hotel, Washington, DC
2013 Personal Effects, Furthermore, Washington, DC, Curated by Jose Ruiz
2013 Artist books and cookies #2, Ooga Booga #2, Los Angeles, CA (a one day exhibition)
2013 Our Lady of Perpetual Exhaustion, Luce Center for the Arts & Religion, Washington, D.C. Curated by Alexandra Sherman
2013 Interwoven, Arlington Arts Center, Arlington, VA, Curated by Melissa Messina and Kathryn Wat
2013 256 Colors, experimental feature length film by Eric Fleischauer & Jason Lazarus
2012 Pyramid Atlantic Book Arts Fair, Silver Spring, MD (two day fair)
2012 Present Day, Pleasant Plains Workshop, Washington, DC, Curated by Kristina Bilonik
2012 Seapower!, Reading Frenzy, Portland, OR, Curated by Chloe Eudaly
2012 Paper and Words, Cullom Gallery Seattle, WA, Curated by Sharon Alexander (one night event for APRIL book fest)
2011 Short Run Art Show, Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, Seattle, WA, Curated by Kelly Froh
2011 Skid Road to Floating World, Floating World, Portland, OR, Curated by Jason T. Miles
2011 King Ludd Lives! Art & Zines Unplugged, The Zine Archive Project (a program of Richard Hugo House)
Curated by Bryan Edenfield
2011 Paper Kingdom, Seattle, WA Curated by Sharon Alexander
2010 Self-published Experiments in Comics and Copy Art, Perfect Copy & Print, Seattle, WA
Curated by Faustino & Sharon Alexander
2010 Medieval Thinkers, Fantagraphics Bookstore, Seattle, WA, Curated by Jason T. Miles & Max Clotfelter

2014 Artist Talk, Luce Foundation Center for American Art, Washington, DC
2013 Panelist, Connections: Corcoran Print and Book Forum, The Future of the Print and Book Forum, The Corcoran, Washington, D.C.
2013 Instructor, One Page Zine, Pyramid Atlantic Print Symposium
2011 Instructor, How-to zine seminar, Methow Valley Elementary (5th grade), Winthrop, WA
2004 Lecture, “How I made this book”, The Apple Store, San Francisco, CA

2011 Co-Founder & organizer, Short Run Small Press Fest, Seattle, WA
2008 Mural, Mais oui, il le soliel, (women’s clothing store) Paris, France. Commissioned by L’Escaut, an architecture firm
2007 Mural, Mais oui, il le soliel, (women’s clothing store) Brussels, Belgium. Commissioned by L’Escaut, an architecture firm

2016 Artist-in-Residence program, Ace Hotel, Seattle, WA curated by Printed Matter NY
2016 Artist book commission for The Floating Library, Minneapolis, MN. Commissioned by Sarah Peters
2015 Denbo Fellowship at Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring, MD
2015 DCCAH Artist Fellowship Grant
2014 Trawick Prize, 3rd place, Bethesda, MD, juried by by Tom Ashcraft, Laure Drogoul, Jeremy Drummond
2014 Sondheim Artscape Prize, semi-finalist, Baltimore, MD, juried by curated by Claire Gilman, Sarah Oppenheimer, Olivia Shao
2013 Fellow, VCCA, Amherst, VA
2011 Artist-in-residence, TwispWorks, Twisp, WA

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